Our Specialities

The Trusted Network Team Trust Security & Delivery Group of Companies consists of an international team of experts, including logistics, security, customs house and special operations professionals, who work tirelessly to ensure smooth, expedient and professional service tailored to the precise specifications and needs of the global luxury goods industry and international banks. .Trusted Network Team Trust Security & Delivery (subject to local laws and restrictions) transports valuable cargo using the company’s exclusive fleet of armoured trucks designed to our exacting specifications. All vehicles are manned by experienced drivers and highly-trained professional guards and are fitted with state-of-the art security systems and tracking devices ensuring movements are under constant surveillance.

Automated Tracking

Our System is an inbult automated Tracking system device for shipment.

Tracking API

API allow you to integrate Our technologies into your intranet or enterprise application, empowering our customers with the ability to track their own shipments.

Ecommerce Integration

Trusted Network Team Trust Security and Delivery offers it Clients E-commerce Integration scured payment gateway all over the world.

Delivered In Time

Need for speed, we deliver and protect our clients goods, Monies and other form of Asset on time and expected date.

Always Delivering Best Of Our Services

Our fast, comprehensive and secure door-to-door collection and delivery ensures the safe delivery of your goods anywhere in the world. Services include: overnight secure door-to-door delivery, secure delivery from collection to airport, airport pick-up to final destination and hand-carry courier services. For additional information and options, please contact your local Trusted Network Team Trust Security & Delivery office..

Making Our Customers Happy

With a comprehensive international network of partners and affiliates providing an unsurpassed level of customer service, Trusted Network Team Trust Security & Delivery delivers absolute peace of mind for those dealing in Diamonds and Jewellery, Precious Metals, Fine Arts, Special Event Operations and more..